This is what you didn’t tell you

/They told you where the gym was and that there are yoga classes sometimes and sometimes they are free and other times they aren’t.

They didn’t tell you that you’ll start going to yoga with a girl from your international affairs class and some of her friends and then you’ll never have to go to the dining hall and sit alone again because you have people now.

They told you that you will spend the most time in your dorm so you should make sure you like it.

They didn’t tell you that you should keep your door open as long as you can because that is how you get people to come talk to you and that is how you become friends with the people in your building.

They don’t tell you that the coffee shop in the union is where you go every Tuesday and Thursday to get a green smoothie before your seminar class.

They tell you that you can bring a car on campus

But they didn’t tell you that just sitting in your car becomes the best thing because you can pretend that you’re in your hometown and that you’re only one minute away from your mother even though your family lives in a different state.

They didn’t tell you that your mother will come up for parents weekend and that when she leaves you will have a pit in your stomach for four days because god you miss her but you won’t admit it.

They don’t tell you that some guy will make your stomach flutter and you will realize that you are thinking about reality and how he is solid and you are thinking about your future.

They don’t tell you that you’ll start to like football or hockey or something like that even though you didn’t before and you won’t know how.

They don’t tell you that you realize what you want to do with your life randomly on a Thursday.


They tell you that it becomes home but they don’t tell you why and then you realize it, somehow.


They don’t tell you everything.


You just figure it out,



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