The Six Kinds of Hair Products That You Need

When I was thirteen and fourteen, I blow dried and straightened my hair every single day. By the time that I went in to get a haircut, my poor hair was fried. Before then, I didn’t really care about maintaining my hair, but I knew the basics. I knew to wash it every other day, always use conditioner, and to use a leave-in conditioner when it got to tangly. I knew to use hairspray to make it stay, and that was it.

After having to get three inches cut off of my hair, and being nicely told about how to save my hair, by my hairdresser, I decided to actually care about and be nice to my hair. After all, I’ve got to live with it for a while. I spent a lot of time learning about what type of products to use, different types of hair, and what’s worth splurging on, and this is what I learned.

  1. Everyone needs a hair mask. No matter what type of hair you have, or how much of it you have,e get a hair mask. Apply it to wet hair once a week, maybe twice, depending on how dry your hair is acting that week. You can get really nice expensive ones at Sephora, or you can do what I do and get one at Target that works just as well. You can get them for all different types of hair, you can get ones that are color safe, and ones that can deal with whatever problem you are dealing with hair-wise. Get a hair mask, and be able to pretend that you never messed up your hair.
  2. Dry Shampoo- For all of the college students, high school students, and people who work mornings get some dry shampoo and be able to pretend that you didn’t oversleep. For the days where you don’t have time to wash your hair but you really need to look like you washed your hair, get a good dry shampoo, like my current favorite from Living Proof and hide the fact that you decided to sleep for once.
  3. Heat Protectant- If you’re like me and you straighten or curl or blow dry your hair on a regular basis, get a heat protectant. It has saved my hair since the dreaded time when I destroyed it. The best thing about a heat protectant is that it’s not one of the products to splurge on. Every single brand makes one and you can spend five dollars on one and that is all that you need. Buy one at CVS. Then you’re set for a while.
  4. Oils- Oils, when used correctly, are so great for your hair. It softens them, protects against heat styling, repairs your hair, and adds shine. I love using oils because it seems like the easiest way to add a little oomph to your hair without using too much product. There are a million different oils to try, and lots of them are sold as hair/body oils. I have been loving an Oribe oil that my mother got me for about a year now, but there are cheaper versions at any drug store and different oils that can better suit the texture of your hair.
  5. Texturizing Spray- I don’t know if you really need one (or three of these( but they’re part of my daily hair routine. I specifically love sea salt sprays, as my hair’s naturally wavy and it makes it so that I can air dry it, instead of using heat. You can buy texturizing sprays at a drug store or at Sephora or something and you can get one to do literally whatever you want it to do. For a while, the Bumble& Bumble Surf Infusion was the most used hair product that I used. Get a texturizing spray and use your heat stylers less.
  6. Hairspray- Everyone needs a good quality hairspray, or maybe six because sometimes you want one with a different hold. But do not fret, because you can get them all at the drugstore.

Live your best hair life





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