4 Skincare Tips I Swear By

I started wearing makeup, or at least, being conscious of what it’s purpose was, when I was seven. My mother had placed me in dance classes and figure skating lessons, when I turned five, and I was a competitive figure skater at seven. I would spend saturday mornings lined up with fifteen other girls, waiting for the one mother that did makeup to line my eyes with some pencil I didn’t like, and to put some bright pink lipstick on me that just tasted weird. Like clockwork, every saturday night, when my, my sister, and my mother, had gotten home, my mother would scrub our faces clean with the some makeup wipes, and no matter how tired we were we wouldn’t be allowed to go to bed until every remnant of the day was gone.

I hated it, then, that I had to do something else after a day-long competition, but I understand why she did it. My mother has never been a women to wear a lot of makeup,but she takes care of her skin better than anyone else I know. She taught me all that she knew about skincare. She held skincare above makeup and she gave me tips that I now swear and that I have sworn by for years now.

  1. Never, no matter what, sleep in your makeup. If you can only bring yourself to do one thing every night, it should be taking off your makeup. First off, I don’t fully understand how to sleep in makeup. It’s uncomfortable to me, but it is absolutely awful for your face. It clogs your pores, and can get in your eyes. Also, think of the pillows, no one wants to wake up with makeup stains all over there pillow. Even if you don’t actually wash your face, use something like a Neutrogena or Aveeno makeup wipe to get the makeup off.
  2. Wash your face every morning, even if you don’t wash it at night. I’m notorious for skipping the process of actually washing my face at night, so I always wash it in the morning to get some dirt out before I put makeup on for the day. Also, when school was still in session and I was waking up at five every morning, the simply process of washing my face went a long way in waking me up.  My current favorite is a Clinique face wash, and I always finish it off with an Aveeno moisturizer.
  3. Face Masks. I swear by them. I have more than a normal humans really need, but I swear by them and love them. I use paper face masks, regular face masks, pore strips, everything. I suggest using them about once a week, especially if you are using a charcoal mask, as it can be harsh on your skin. I use a wide variety, sometimes i use a charcoal mask, or something a bit more gentle,and I regularly use overnight moisture masks. I find them a great way to pamper yourself, and they really are great for your skin.
  4. Let it breathe, don’t wear makeup some days, and don’t pick at pimples(even though I know I want to). Let your skin breathe and deal with breakouts itself.

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