Simple ways to make yourself happy



Watch a Disney movie

Buy yourself flowers

Light a candle

Exercise(exercise give your endorphins and endorphins make you happy and happy people just don’t kill their husbands)

Pet a dog

Bake something

Shut off your phone, put it away, and pretend you don’t have it


Sing at the top of your lungs until someone else yells at you to stop

Call someone that makes you happy

Watch something on Netflix that can make you happy (I prefer New Girl and Parks and Recreation)

Pretend that you are happy until you are happy

Or just don’t be happy, for a little while.┬áThere is nothing that states you have to be happy all the time, just make sure that you feel happy at least some of the time. If you find that happiness has eluded you, and that it has for a long while, then make sure to tell someone you trust.

You don’t have to be happy, not all the time, but you shouldn’t be sad all the time either.




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