I am an out-of-state college student

And I am so lonely.  Oh out of state college students, someone should tip their hats to you because it takes guts to leave home, it takes guts to drive for hours just to get to college and know nobody. We should deserve a medal for doing something so scary, for leaving everything that we have ever known when all of our friends might have stayed in the same state we went to high school in.

Out-of-state college student, you aren’t the only one sitting in your room on Saturday night even though it feels like you are. You aren’t the only one who doesn’t really have friends even though it feels like it. It’s not just you. I know that your friends get to go home for the weekend all the time and that you can’t, even if you have the car on you, I know.

I know that you want to go home, even though you really, really can’t. I know it’s hard and I don’t know when it stops being hard but it is hard right now and that’s kind of the only thing that we really know. We know that it is hard, and it feels impossible.

But more power to you, for leaving everything you knew, because not a lot of people can do that.  It is okay to be sad and lonely and god it is okay to feel like you are in the wrong place all the time because you might be but you also might not be.  You could be in the perfect place or in the worst place on the planet.

Out-of-state college student, you are going to be fine, you are going to figure it all out. And yes, it is okay if it takes you a little longer than it takes everyone else.  That is perfectly fine.

Because you will get there, somehow.

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