Seven Things I’m Loving This Fall

I’ve always loved the fall, and at risk of sounding ‘basic’, it’s really my favorite season. Something is just better about the fall, but I can’t explain it. And here are some of the things I’ll be loving this year.


Dark lip colors- I’ve always loved a good red lipstick, and fall always gives me an excuse to dig out my dark red and berry lip colors and rock them daily. My favorite way to wear them is with really simple eye makeup, usually just one shimmery, light color.  Of course, you can rock dark lip colors anyway that you want, but this is my go-to.

Braids- I love braids all year round, but when fall comes I find myself braiding my hair more and more, and trying out more elaborate braids. I tend to stick with the classics-french, Dutch, fishtail and waterfall- but I always love to try new,  more complex braids.


Flannels- I’m fairly sure that my favorite part of fall is the flannels, to be completely honest. I just picked up a lovely burgundy one that I’ve been loving for the coming months.

Flowy shirts- I really love peasant tops, bell sleeves, or really any long sleeved flowy shirt. I find them extremely beautiful and flattering on everyone, and they’re really versatile. My current favorite is a sheer white top with bell sleeves and a lace back, which I’ve been pairing with a burgundy bralette.

Bootcut/Flare Jeans- I’ve always loved these, and I’m waiting for them to really become mainstream again. I find them so flattering and just fun to wear sometimes. I especially love them in fall, to pair with flowy tops and go for a real hippie vibe.


Anything pumpkin flavored-mostly pumpkin baked goods and pumpkin coffee, but really anything pumpkin flavored is a yes from me.

Acoustic Music- I can’t explain it, but acoustic music is a bit nicer to me during the fall. I enjoy it more then. (if you’d like to hear what the music I’ve been loving recently is, leave a comment below).





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